SUPER SPECTRIM's unique 12 HOUR TIME RELEASE formulation provides a regulated release of nutrients for up to 12 full hours, maximizing effectiveness and delivering up to 100% ABSORPTION.
Each tablet contains VITAL NUTRIENTS:
             Chelated Minerals
                            Proprietary Nutrient Blend
                                      All Natural
All these vital nutrients are BUFFERED for easy digestion and come in Regular, No Iron, No Yeast, No Iron/No Yeast, Vegetarian/Vegan, and Organic formulas. (No Iron and No Iron/No Yeast are not Time Release formulas)

WHY 12 HOUR TIME RELEASE? Many supplements on the market today provide only 5% to 14% absorption. Super Spectrim's unique Five-Stage Time-Release Technology enables nutrients to be gradually released for up to 12 hours!  The Super Spectrim nutrients are micro-encapsulated, chelated and have been worked out in ratios for optimum effectiveness and better assimilation! This greatly increases absorption, keeps steadier levels of nutrients in the body and reduces dosage requirements.  This effective and convenient Multi maximizes compliance creating lasting effects to better meet your body's demands and helps you feel good all day long!

If your multi is not time-release you could be throwing your nutrients in the toilet. Many nutrients cancel each other out like Iron and Vitamin-E when taken together. With Super Spectrim's time-release, you are assured each nutrient works together for the greatest absorption. Other vitamins are water soluble, meaning they  pass in and out of your system within hours and need to be replenished throughout the day. Without time-release or taking multiple doses of these nutrients throughout the day, your body can be without the proper nutrients. 

It is absolutely necessary to take in these ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS in order for the body to grow and maintain proper health.  Super Spectrim's Multi-Vitamin and Mineral is a balanced approach  to help maximize your body to it's fullest potential.
Boost your Energy Level!
Stay Alert!
Maintain Nutrient Levels!

Super Spectrim's Multi-Vitamin & Mineral is the ONLY time release multi on the market today that was originally developed by the father of time release and is endorsed by the United States Astronauts' medical doctor, David Boska, MD.

No need to have a shelf full of bottles. No need to mega-dose because of low absorption rates. No need to take multiple doses of vitamins and minerals during the day or wonder if you are getting the correct nutrients. Give your body what is needs, when it needs it. Your body will know the difference and you will feel the difference ! 


The Proven Benefits of Super Spectrim                                                    
Formula and Dosage

Troy Kuretich, 1988 Olympic Finalist and Member of the U.S. National Track and Field Team, Speaks on Super Spectrim


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