Super Spectrim Company Information

Mission: To empower all to achieve health and happiness! 

Motto: Youth, Health, Vitality, Happiness

Description: Established in 1982 by Dr. Carlin C. Venus and Carol H. Venus, RN, Super Spectrim is dedicated to helping all live healthy and happy lives by providing affordable high-quality nutritional products.  We are passionate about treating every customer like a friend.

Super Spectrim's Multi-Vitamin and Mineral was orginally developed by the creator of Time-Release to increase the absorption of nutrients resulting in optimum immune system function.  It was later modified and is endorsed by David Boska M.D., former U.S. Astronauts Medical Doctor.  His aim is to help humanity with Super Spectrim's formula for his personal patients and anyone who has the desire to improve their health.








Carol Venus, RN

  President and Owner of Super Spectrim












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