Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Super Spectrim superior ?

Because of the absorption. 

Does  Vitamin E cancel Iron in all vitamin tablets ?

Yes. Many other nutrients also cancel each other, such as Vitamin C and Vitamin B-12. This occurs in vitamin tablets which have only "sustained release" instead of true "time release." Thus most vitamin tablets offer only about 5% absorption.

Are the minerals in Super Spectrim chelated ? What is chelation ?

Yes. Chelation is from the Greek meaning "to claw or hook."

What is chelation in simple terms ?

In simple terms chelation means that each mineral hooks to an organic compound which holds it in a chemical claw. The organic compound readily passes from the intestines into the blood stream whereas minerals alone do not. In this manner more of each mineral is absorbed into the blood stream.

Could you illustrate the value of chelation relative to Super Spectrim Multi-Vitamin and Mineral ?

Yes. Here's an example. A sincere, health conscious woman, who takes supplemental iron, notices that her stool is black. She is taking iron supplements, yet she is still anemic. This is because only 2 to 3 percent of the iron is being absorbed. However, if she takes supplemental iron that is properly chelated, she will receive up to 100 percent absorption.

Does this happen with other minerals also ?


Would you give me another example ?

Yes, Another example would be the mineral zinc. If zinc is not properly chelated, only about 14 percent is absorbed.

Why is this, chemically speaking ?

Because the cell lining of the duodenum has such great efficiency in the absorption of such acids as citric and ascorbic, that these are actually better agents for chelation than amino acids. Amino acids are commonly used for chelation. However, in Super Spectrim, citric and ascorbic acids are used.

What is the shelf life of Super Spectrim ?

A minimum of fours years.

How much Super Spectrim should the average man or woman take ?

Every person is different. Each person must monitor his or her own system. Check with your doctor. However, usually two to six tablets a day is sufficient.

Isn't more better ?

No. remember, it is not the "size of the dog" but the "size of the bite" of the dog. Sometimes a light weight fighter can hit like a heavy weight. When you fill a cup up to the rim with liquid, it is full. If you add any more, the liquid will spill over and be wasted.

What happens to the body when it is under stress ?

Under stress, the body uses prodigious amounts of Vitamin-B Complex. It is like turning up the damper in a pot belly stove. Therefore, under stress, more Vitamin-B Complex Is needed.

Do you have lab reports on the product ?


Is the label accurate ?


Didn't  Dr. Carlin Venus break a world's record while training on Super Spectrim ?

Yes. At age 53, he broke the world's record by raising 400 pounds over his head with one arm.

Is Dr. Venus noted as an athletic trainer ?

Yes. He has trained over sixty athletic champions. And on Jan. 26, 1985 at the First Annual Fitness Expo held in Ventura, California, and attended by 542 people from forty different countries, he was awarded the Title of "The World's Leading Athletic, Bodybuilding and Strength Counselor."

What is Dr. Venus' daily diet suggestions for athletes in training ?

Two to six Super Spectrim daily. Usually four in the morning at 6 a.m. and two at night at 6 p.m. Then 45 minutes before a workout take one Tri-Min. And 5 minutes before, 5 electrolyte tablets. Then immediately after the workout take five Amino Ammo.
Eat a good breakfast, then a light mid-morn snack, and a light lunch. Then a light afternoon snack. and a dinner of fish, green vegetable salad, and herb tea, followed by a light after-dinner snack.

Why is  Super Spectrim superior ?

The formula is complete with up to 100% absorption.
The vitamins are time-released. Other water-soluble vitamins are washed out of the body In a few hours. However, In Super Spectrim, the vitamins are maintained in the bloodstream throughout the whole day.
The Chelated minerals give as much as 20 times the effective potency of other supplements.
It takes 40 days to make.
The isolation of incompatible elements.
The specific balance, All the vitamins and minerals work together.
No starch, sugar, artificial flavors, or sweeteners. Only solid, usable, absorbable nutrients.
Absorption is up to 100%. Many of the supplements on the market today have only 5% absorption.
The people tested, the lab tests, the athletes tested, and the champions produced.
The wide variety of unsolicited testimonials received an the product. (See Super Spectrim Testimonials) 




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