Free Samples

Super Spectrim is pleased to offer samples of various products to our customers and prospects. The samples offered will change periodically. Be sure to check back to see if there are products you wish to sample. Samples must be ordered with other products.  Samples are limited to three per order.

Hoodia - 12 capsules                                             

Kid's Vits Berry - 12 tablets capsules                 

Metabo-Boost - 12 capsules                                 

Protein Powder (both flavors)                               

SS Regular - 12 tablets                                            

SS Vegetarian - 12 tablets                                       

Vitamin C - 12 tablets                                               

Vitamin E - 12 capsules                                             

Stress Relief - 12 tablets                                           

Amino Ammo - 12 tablets                                         

Calcium/Magnesium - 12 tablets                              

Electrolyte Powder                                                       


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