Super Spectrim: Time and Enteric Release Specialist
SUPER SPECTRIM's unique 12 HOUR TIME RELEASE formulation provides a regulated release of nutrients for up to 12 full hours, maximizing effectiveness and delivering up to 100% ABSORPTION.
Each tablet contains VITAL NUTRIENTS:
             Chelated Minerals
                            Proprietary Nutrient Blend
                                      All Natural
All these vital nutrients are BUFFERED for easy digestion and come in Regular, No Iron, No Yeast, No Iron/No Yeast, Vegetarian/Vegan, and Organic formulas. (Organics are not Time Release formulas)


Why Time Release?

Up until time release, many medications and nutrients had to be given every four hours because after four hours the potency, the activity, was diminished and lost. The basic idea of time release is to assure a regulated release of the medication or vitamin substance into the bloodstream after oral ingestion.

The problem with standard medication and vitamins taken orally is that once they have been swallowed you don’t really know entirely what is happening as the tablet encounters the acids, juices and enzymes of the digestive system. The digestive system causes a whole range of changes to the swallowed ingredient. With regular vitamins and minerals there are all sorts of chemical reactions and transformations leaving the extent of the biological activity and absorption of the nutrient in question.

Enter time release. The idea behind time release is to coat the vitamins and minerals to react to the digestive onslaught in a calculated way. One coating will disintegrate on contact with the stomach acid and release the nutrients about 10 minutes after ingestion. The next release comes at around fours hours in contact with the digestive juices of the small intestine. Four hours later, near the end of the small intestine another combination of vitamins and minerals are keyed to release. Finally, around the entrance of the large intestine, the last dose should be released and twelve hours have gone by. Normally the blood level of a particular vitamin or mineral will go up and then down following ingestion of a regular tablet. But with time release there is the gradual release and the blood levels remain more constant. Thus there is activity and benefit from the nutrient over a longer period of time. If you take the time release in the morning, you will have all the vital vitamins and minerals releasing throughout your busy day.

Micro-Encapsulation for 100% Absorption

The idea is to “coat” (micro-encapsulate) the vitamins and minerals to react in a calculated way, so that a full 100 percent absorption is “available”. It is not just vitamins but also minerals that are vital. Time release is superior in addressing the synergy of vitamins and minerals. Other vitamin tablets or so called "time or sustained release” instead of true “12 hour time release” offer only about 5% to 14% absorption. So the next time you reach for your SuperSpectrim know that vitamins and minerals are true time release and have been worked out in ratios for optimum effectiveness, better assimilation and better absorption.

Enteric Release

Enteric release means that a tablet or other form of oral supplementation is layered with a protective coating. The protective coating stops the tablet or caplet from dissolving in the stomach and irritating the lining of the stomach or the esophagus, or rendering the supplement ineffective. It controls the release of the supplement by keeping it intact bypassing the harsh acidic conditions of the stomach and allowing them to be properly absorbed in the intestines. 

Enteric provides relief for those individuals that experience foul-tasting burps, indigestion or irritation of the esophagus from taking fish oil, garlic or other supplements. SuperSpectrim’s enteric supplements are designed to withstand over an hour of exposure to stomach acid, but will dissolve in less than an hour in the more alkaline intestinal juices. In addition enteric coating increase’s the bioavailability meaning the supplements are absorbed more readily in the small intestines increasing the chances that they will be absorbed properly.


Super Spectrim's Multi-Vitamin & Mineral is the ONLY time release multi on the market today that was originally developed by the father of time release and is endorsed by the United States Astronauts' medical doctor, David Boska, MD.

No need to have a shelf full of bottles. No need to mega-dose because of low absorption rates. No need to take multiple doses of vitamins and minerals during the day or wonder if you are getting the correct nutrients. Give your body what is needs, when it needs it. Your body will know the difference and you will feel the difference ! 


The Proven Benefits of Super Spectrim                                                    
Formula and Dosage

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