By Shana Daniels, 2002 Ms. Fitness CA.


It is said that we are either growing or dying, & this theory holds true for us mentally, physically, & spiritually.  It’s important to recognize that growth at any level denotes a change of some sort.

 The human body is the master of adaptation & this is especially true with how it responds to exercise.  Studies have shown that our muscular & cardio-vascular systems adapt to an exercise program within about 6-8 weeks, so if you don’t change your routine, you can hit a plateau.

Changing the frequency, intensity or the time of your training is enough to “shock” your body into responding again & getting results.  Change also stimulates you mentally so you don’t get bored, & since half of exercisers quit within the first 3-6 months of starting, this is crucial!

Here are some ways to help you “switch up” your workout:

  1. Change the order in which you perform the exercises.  When you fatigue the muscles in a new pattern, you are forcing them to adapt to a new stimulus.  Also, try using different handles, benches, or switching barbells for dumbbells.
  2. “Kick it up a notch”—add short intensity interval spurts 3-5 times during your cardio workouts.  You’ll burn 40% more calories by doing this.
  3. Experiment with different types of exercise classes, you may find some other forms you really enjoy & it will give your body a new challenge.  They’ve proved that those who change their workouts frequently enjoy them more & stick with them.


The key to making fitness a lifestyle habit is to keep it fun & fresh!


                                                                        Yours in health & fitness,

                                                                        Shana Daniels

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