By Shana Daniels, 2002 Ms. Fitness California


It is possible to get lean even when you have to eat out in restaurants a lot or travel quite a bit.  All that is necessary is making better choices & ordering in a way that supports your goals to lose body fat.  Here’s some simple suggestions to help you be successful:

1.)    When ordering salad, ask if they have the reduced calorie versions of dressing, & if not, get it on the side & just dip your fork in with each bite.  You’ll still get the flavor without all of the extra calories.

2.)    Ask for a box before your food arrives if you know they serve big portions.  When your meal gets there, you can put ½ of it away before you dig in.  This will prevent you from the temptation of eating more than you need, plus you’ll have another meal for the next day!

3.)    Split your meal with a friend or spouse that you’re dining with.  It saves money & insures “portion control”.

4.)    If you ordered something without cheese or made with egg whites,  or if it’s supposed to be an item from their “light menu” & it comes back smothered in butter or grease, don’t be afraid to send it back.  It is your body & you are paying for it, so it should be what you wanted.

5.)    Chew each bite thoroughly, slow down & enjoy all the different flavors.  It take our bodies 20-30 minutes to register “satiety” or the feeling of fullness, so if you eat too fast, you won’t give your body a chance to tell you when you’ve had enough until it’s too late.

 Bon Appetite!                                      

Yours in health & fitness,

                                                            Shana Daniels

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