Do I Really Need to Take a Multi-Vitamin & Mineral?

Every person on this planet depends on vitamins and minerals to function properly and maintain good health. Food processing removes many of the already low levels of the vitamins and minerals in our food. Further, synthetic fertilizers return to the soil only part of the nutrients taken out by growing plants. While there are few enough vitamins and minerals present in foods, we can further short change ourselves by failing to take a good multi-vitamin and mineral like Super Spectrim.

A recent article in Health Counselor magazine stated the deficiency of key nutrients of Americans is incredible, 80% of Americans are deficient in vitamin B-6. 90% in chromium, 75% In magnesium, 68% In calcium, 57% in iron, 50% in Vitamin-A, 45% in Vitamin B-1, 41% in Vitamin-C, 34% in Vitamin B-2 and B-12 and 33% in niacin. Just lack in B-12 can cause pernicious anemia which subjects one to all kinds of disease.

Super Spectrim multi-vitamin & mineral is a superior multi because of the process of time release and the minerals are chelated. Without chelation, mineral absorption is only 8 to 14% whereas with chelation the absorption is up to 100%. Super Spectrim's vitamins are time-released insuring you nutrients released throughout the day for up to 12 hours!

If your multi is not time-release you could be throwing your nutrients in the toilet, Many nutrients cancel each other out like iron and Vitamin-E. With Super Spectrim's time-release, you are assured each nutrient works together for the greatest absorption.

Linus Pauling concluded that 100 times the Recommended Daily Allowance values for Vitamin-C are more accurate for optimum health. Vitamin C stimulates the immune system and helps prevent heart disease.

Dr. David Boska, the astronauts medical doctor, recognizes the value of taking a balanced multi like Super Spectrim. He has added a buffering agent to Super Spectrim to help those who take supplements on an empty stomach. Super Spectrim Multi-vitamin and mineral is the best base-line product to take daily in your health regime,

Dr. Chandra, M.D. and professor of immunology at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada, gave about 50 Canadians over age 65 a multi-vitamin and mineral and 50 a placebo for about one year. The group that took the multivitamin and mineral had half the number of colds, flu and other infection related illnesses. And when they did get sick, they got better in half the time! (Lancat 430:1124, 1992)

So consistently taking Super Spectrim multi-vitamin and mineral can strengthen your immune system. In Super Spectrim multi-vitamin and mineral the vitamins and minerals have been worked out in ratios for optimum effectiveness, better assimilation and better absorption!




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