By Shana Daniels, Fitness Expert, & 2002 Ms. Fitness CA.


            If you want to look & feel better in your bathing suit or any other skin bearing “summer attire”, now is the time to get ready.

            The quickest way to tone & tighten your muscles is to put resistance against them.  Cardio, Pilates, & Yoga alone, while beneficial, can’t do this.   The beauty with working out with weights is that while you can’t “spot reduce”, you can “spot train” to enhance any body part you wish to work on!

            To get the most from your training strive to workout 2-3 times a week & follow these simple rules:

1.      Perform each rep slowly (2-3 secs.), on both the lifting phase & the lowering phase, as you’ll recruit more muscle fibers.

2.      Exhale on the lifting or effort phase, & inhale on the lowering or stretching phase, as you’ll be fueling your muscles with the most oxygen this way.

3.      Squeeze each rep “to the max”, & hold for 1 sec. at the “peak” of the movement.

4.      Keep your mental focus to achieve the “mind-to-muscle” connection.  You’ll be able to contract your muscles twice as hard, which equates to results twice as quick.

5.      Remember it’s always perfect form that shapes the muscles, not overloading the weight & getting sloppy. Never sacrifice form for weight.

Know that with each workout you are getting a step closer to reaching your health & fitness goals & consistency is the key!


                                                            Yours in health & fitness,

                                                            Shana Daniels

For any questions on fitness please contact Shana at or to find out more about her 12 week Body & Life Make-over visit her website at




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