Coral Calcium Plus (Magnesium and Vitamin D)
Coral Calcium Plus contains an alkaline form of calcium that can help support a healthy serum pH.  It also contains a number of trace minerals that are important for bone health, as well as for optimal enzymatic activity.  Super Spectrim's Coral Calcium is not harvested from living coral reefs or even from the ocean environment, but from above-ground sources in Okinawa in an ecologically friendly manner.  Magnesium and Vitamin-D have been added because of their essential role in bone metabolism and skeletal tissue. This exceptional complex of fossilized coral calcium is naturally enriched with an abundance of trace minerals that allow for effortless absorption and optimal utilization. Extreme care is used when processing this nutrient rich macro-mineral to assure ideal calcium content, low heavy metal ratios, and zero irradiation/radioactivity.*

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Count:  100 Capsules


Suggested Use:  Adults - take two capsules daily. 


Two Capsules Contain:  Calcium (Fossilized Coral Calcium) 500 mg.

                                      Magnesium (Oxide, Citrate and Asparate) 250 mg.

                                      Vitamin D (Ergocalciferol - vegetarian source) 400 IU

                                      Fossilized Coral Calcium  1.43 g


Disclaimers:  *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 



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